Over 100 million banking customers worldwide use money management solutions powered by Strands


With the integration of FinanzPlaner in Deutsche Bank online and mobile banking platforms, customers have their full financial picture at a glance. Monthly income and expenses are automatically categorized, and information is clearly presented through beautiful & interactive graphics. FinanzPlaner is available for tablet, smartphone (iOS, Android) and via the “My Bank” app for Apple Watch. Read more (in German) here.

With just four months between the project kick-off and product launch, the FinanzPlaner project holds the record for fastest & most agile roll-out in Strands history.

Deutsche Bank FinanzPlaner for Apple Watch – in German

Der Deutsche Bank FinanzPlaner – das digitale Haushaltsbuch – in German

In the press
Deutsche Bank zeigt ihre digitale Zukunft

Der Westen
Janet Lindgens reports on Deustche Bank’s digital banking future.

Einfach, schnell, sicher: Deutsche Bank bietet ihren Kunden Online-Zugang mit

Nachrichten covers the recent deployment of FinanzPlaner and cites PFM as a major element in Deutsche Bank’s new and upgraded service offering.

The account on your wrist: Deutsche Bank offers Banking via the Apple Watch

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank is the first bank in Germany to offer clients banking via the Apple Watch. Using Deutsche Bank’s “Meine Bank” app, accounts and portfolio information can be displayed directly on the new Apple Watch.

Commercial Bank Of Africa – CBA

The first African bank to implement such an innovative PFM solution, CBA is ahead of the times and disrupting the African banking sector with their CBA Loop digital money management solution, created in collaboration with Strands. Faced with a particularly high unbanked population – 50% of Africans do not have access to a branch of their bank, but about 80% have access to a smartphone – a digital solution was a logical next step for CBA, to be better placed to serve their customers.

CBA Loop, a money management tool for mobile and web platforms, is targeted at both individual consumers and entrepreneurs, allowing them complete control of their finances and greater financial freedom, making payments, budgeting and setting saving goals for the future. This will be the first end-to- end banking proposition in East Africa. CBA Loop incorporates everyday transactions such as money transfers, bill payments and PFM and helps customers plan ahead with Goals and Investment options. The ‘Moments of Joy’ tool rewards users for setting up saving goals, paying loans on time and referring the application to others.

CBA Loop Unbank Yourself

CBA & Strands Partnership: Pioneers in African Banking

Demo of Mi Día a Día – in Spanish

Mi día a día

BBVA, one of the most innovative banks in the world, chose Strands to implement the revolutionary Tú Cuentas solution in 2008, the first PFM in Europe.

Together BBVA and Strands continue to lead the FinTech revolution with Mi día a día, the most simple and efficient tool on the market to help users control and track their spending.

Comfort, control, value: Mi Día a Día gives users all three by incorporating Strands PFM features like Personalized Financial Analysis, Savings Goals, Budgets, and Account Aggregation. Learn more (in Spanish) here.

CLO: PostFinance Benefit

Innovative online marketing platform, allowing merchants to target their customers more directly and with greater impact. Strands’ white label CLO solution has been integrated with the bank’s digital banking system “E-Finance”.

Thanks to machine learning, the CLO engine learns over time a model that can predict the likelihood of a user purchasing a product or service and pre-empt their needs.

For more information, please visit bank website

Postfinance Benefit CLO SME View

Postfinance Benefit CLO Retail View

PFM: PostFinance E-cockpit

Introducting E-cockpit Tiles

PostFinance selected Strands as a technology partner to build a powerful PFM tool. E-cockpit is a good example of how the innovative Strands PFM solution can be integrated into an existing online banking platform and also be customized to meet the specific needs of the financial institution.

With this tool, PostFinance customers are empowered to manage their finances, build budgets, set savings goals and schedule alerts. What’s more, E-cockpit is available in German, French, Italian and English.

For more information, please visit bank website

In the press
E-cockpit, your personal financial analysis tool

24 Hours
“24 Hours” publication features an article about a recent deployment of E-cockpit by PostFinance offering readers an overview of the solution and recognizing its uniqueness. Currently there are no comparable financial instruments in Switzerland offering this capability.

Interview with Armin Brun from PostFinance
Franz Sebastian Welter, renowned blogger, interviews Armin Brun from PostFinance about the launch of E-cockpit.

Demo video of BCV-net mobile (in French)


Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) of Switzerland chose Strands to make its vision of next-generation digital banking a reality by implementing BCV-net.

BCV has proven its commitment to mobile-first, customer-centric relationship banking by launching BCV-net mobile, the sleek mobile version of Strands PFM. Learn more here.

UBI Money

UBI Money is the state-of-the-art digital banking tool Strands built for UBI Banca, one of the largest banks in Italy.

With UBI Money, UBI customers can plan and save effortlessly thanks to Strands powerful automatic categorization engine, beautiful visualizations of cash inflows and outflows and anonymous comparison tool to see how their spending compares to other users. Learn more here.

Demo of UBI Money (in Italian)

Demo video of Hello! Personal

Hello! Personal

Hello bank! in Italy (forms part of the BNP Paribas Group) pioneered the transition towards the new generation of digital banking with the implementation of the Strands technology. Customer acquisition was recognized as the key benefit of PFM.

While targeting consumers that look for a fresh approach in managing their finances, Hello bank! chose the solution of Strands that complied with the key prerequisites: simple, smart and safe. Hello! Personal has both responsive design and native mobile application functionality.


The core business of Fiducia & GAD IT AG is to deliver IT services to all 1,100 cooperative banks (Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken) as well as to many private banks and companies from other industries in Germany. In 2012, Fiducia recognized that in order to meet current needs of banking customers it is crucial to combine personal advice with online and mobile services based on high quality banking applications.

According to Fiducia, Strands was chosen because of the maturity, flexibility and experience in providing PFM solutions to other top banks. Together, Strands and Fiducia designed a plan that enabled the seamless integration PFM without any media break into Fiducia’s modular bank platform. This approach allows cooperative banks to easily integrate the PFM solution into their digital banking offer without any extra effort.

Demo of Finanzmanager implemented in Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken

Demo of My Money Manager

My Money Manager

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) has enhanced its mobile banking with the implementation of the latest personal financial management tool offered by Strands. The new version of Strands PFM incorporates responsive design to be deployed in mobile devices.

By integrating the Strands technology into the new application for Android and Apple tablets, AIB customers are given the ability to manage their finances in a more natural and intuitive way, boosting their mobile banking experience.

In 2015, AIB’s tablet banking app won the “Best Innovation in Financial Services” award at the Digital Media Awards, a programme recognizing excellence in digital media. Today nearly 1 million AIB customers are actively using digital channels, including more than 500,000 banking with the Strands-powered AIB mobile app and 80,000 actively using AIB tablet banking. Read more here.

Finance Coach

Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), member of BNP Paribas group, has integrated Strands PFM within their digital banking platform. This intuitive solution helps TEB clients to be more in control of their finances. The functionality ranges from analysis, comparison of expenses with peers, creating saving goals and control of budgets.

TEB is one of the most innovative banks in Turkey with cutting-edge online and mobile banking platform, that now also incorporates an award-winning PFM solution.

CEPTETEB – Finance Coach


Bank of Montreal selected Strands to develop their PFM solution, MoneyLogic. Since MoneyLogic has been deployed, user adoption has been growing daily.

During the launch of MoneyLogic, Bank of Montreal released a number of advertisements and demos across the Canadian market to increase brand awareness and to communicate their new offering.

In 2015, Bank of Montreal was recognized by Celent with a Model Bank Award for excellence in digital banking for the third consecutive year. 2014 saw customer adoption and engagement in their mobile banking channel grow significantly, with active mobile users increasing by 80%, and monthly logins & transactions up by 80% & 107%, respectively. Read more here.

TV advert for BMO MoneyLogic

Bmo Video Thumb Demo video of BMO MoneyLogic

In the press
BMO Adds “Compare your Spending” to MoneyLogic PFM

Celent Research
PFM Analysts Jacob Jegher shares his insights on the “Compare your Spending” tool implemented by BMO and his thoughts on community features within personal finance management solutions

BMO taps Strands Personal Finance for PFM service

Finextra covers the Bank of Montreal recent partnership with Strands Finance in deploying MoneyLogic.

BMO Introduces New Spending Tool

The BankWatch
Colin Henderson from The BankWatch, states BMO MoneyLogic is “the best offering of its kind amongst Canadian banks” and highlights some of the great features and functionalities offered by BMO MoneyLogic.

Demo of TIM


In 2010 ING Netherlands partnered with Strands to build their Personal Finance Management offering, named TIM. ING was the first bank in the Netherlands to integrate PFM in their online banking. Strands was chosen due to proven experience in PFM implementation.

The Online Checkbook TIM helps users to seamlessly track and manage their finances by offering categorization and graphical analysis of their transactional data.

In the press
ING Comes With Digital Checkbook TIM

Hans Hagenaars, Marketing Director at ING Retail Netherlands announces the upcoming release of TIM at a Marketing Conference in Amsterdam.

Industry Awards
Innovation Awards Financial Services 2010

Accenture nominated TIM of ING Netherlands as one of the Top 20 innovative concepts for the Innovations Awards Financial Services 2010.