Life at Strands

Become part of our team. Realize your potential and live your passion for technology. Participate in the creation of cutting-edge software. Work in a collaborative environment. Get inspired by your brilliant teammates. Have fun at work!

International Team

Representing 15 countries and speaking over 10 languages

Nice Environment

We work as a team that always supports each other. We value transparency and openness: the opinions of all are respected and considered

Cool Locations

Our offices are located in some of the world’s best cities: Barcelona, San Francisco, Miami and Buenos Aires

Top Clients

We deliver solutions to large organizations that are among the most innovative in the world

Míriam Ballesteros
Inbound Marketing Manager
If you have the chance to work in a startup-like company, you probably know some of the common, cool perks: free food, yoga time, flexible schedules and on-site espressos. And while that’s all awesome (seriously)...
Rivy Obinomen
IT Associate
If I were to ask you, where is the mecca of tech companies? Everyone without a doubt would say San Jose, California also known as Silicon Valley. Facebook, Google, Tesla, every major tech company in the world...
Raúl Jareño
Mobile Developer
I’ve been working at Strands for half a year already. During this time, I’ve been an active member of the MoneyStrands mobile team, leading the development of the app for the Android platform...
Gabriel Moreno
Marketing Assistant
I’ve been at Strands for 5 months, but it’s already proven to be an incredible experience, with lots to learn and a team that felt like family within no time. So, when Miriam asked me to do a short interview...
Life at Strands

We are constantly seeking talented professionals that share our values and are passionate about innovation & technology.
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