Successful Partnership Strategy

Strands powers FinTech innovation – not only for our clients, but for and with our partners as well. Over the last decade, Strands has forged strong relationships with industry leaders to deliver high-value white-label solutions. Many major systems integrators, management consulting firms, industry-leading technology providers & academic institutions have become Strands partners. Our common aim is to ensure the successful and efficient implementation of the most innovative FinTech products.


Allying with Strands enables our partners to gain access to the latest technology and a wealth of expertise in FinTech, machine learning and AI.


Looking to get into FinTech and leverage Big Data to your advantage? Strands is your fast-track toward FinTech innovation. Open up new opportunities with your clients, gain new ones, and win the FinTech race.


We offer comprehensive training programs designed specifically for Strands partners. Continuous knowledge sharing, co-learning and exchange ensures both partners stay at the forefront of FinTech innovation.

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