Personal Financial Management

Personal Financial Management (PFM) is an award-winning personal finance application that drives engagement between account holders and financial institutions. A tool which allows a 360º vision of all bank accounts, aggregating the user’s entire financial picture on one, easy-to-use platform.

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Business Financial Management

Business Financial Management empowers business customers to better forecast and manage their cash-flow by aggregating accounts and invoices into a single platform. The ultimate tool for SMEs which allows them to run their business more efficiently and helps the bank to provide more tailored solutions to their business customers needs.


Enables Invisible banking from day one, with more than 200 predefined insights. Drives dynamic, personalized, real-time and actionable communications. Multi-channel, multi-context and seamlessly integrated with Strands product suite. Balances commercial and non-commercial solutions maximizing acceptance ratios.

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Customer Linked Offers

Allows retailers to target relevant ads and deals to bank customers, using existing digital banking channels. Handles all redemptions, payments and discounts automatically, giving banks a greater level of control and the ability to generate new revenue streams.

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