Business Financial Management (BFM)

Business Financial Management (BFM) empowers business customers to better forecast and manage their cash-flow by aggregating accounts and invoices into a single platform. The ultimate tool for SMEs which allows them to run their business more efficiently and helps the bank to provide more tailored solutions to their business customers needs.
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Strands BFM Transactions
Card-linked offers


Instead of a static list, transactions become actionable through search, filter, edit and split functions.

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Strands BFM - Invoicing


Makes AR/AP management effortless and enables banks to handle end-to-end payment cycles for SME customers.

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Strands BFM Invoicing


Strands BFM Transactions
Strands BFM - Income & Expenses

Income & Expenses

Enables users to visualize expense categories and income sources over a defined date range through a frictionless, intuitive UI.

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Strands BFM - Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

SME customers can analyze and understand cashflow by tracking historic, actual and forecasted inflows & outflows.

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Strands BFM Cash Flow


Strands BFM Calendar
Strands BFM - Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar

An interactive heat map shows daily, monthly and yearly spending patterns.

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Strands BFM - Budgeting


Helps keep business expenses under control.

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Strands BFM Budgeting
Strands BFM Provisioning
Strands BFM - Provisioning


Custom thresholds allow business financial goals to be met faster and more intelligently.

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