Customer Linked Offers

Allows retailers to target relevant ads and deals to bank customers, using existing digital banking channels. Handles all redemptions, payments and discounts automatically, giving banks a greater level of control and the ability to generate new revenue streams.

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Machine learning algorithms unlock the power of data to generate contextual offers for a data-driven customer loyalty system. Over time, the CLO engine learns a model that can predict the likelihood of a user to purchase in a certain product category.


Banks can choose from pre-defined marketing strategies and pricing models provided by Strands, or mix & match to create their own. Support APIs enable banks to easily and seamlessly integrate CLO within other systems, such as SAP.


Parameters of our CLO solution can be easily aligned with the growth strategy of any bank. Banks have unlimited flexibility to customize default values, modify algorithm parameters and the overall user experience for the ideal look and feel.



Generate new sources of revenue, increase customer retention & card usage, and boost engagement via digital channels.


Send highly targeted campaigns according to the marketing strategy that best helps their business powered by machine learning algorithms.


Obtain great discounts that are relevant & contextual, delivered at the optimal moment and on any device. Offer redemption is simple & convenient, and securely handled by the bank.

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Customer Linked offers
Customer Linked offers

Marketing Campaign Builder

With a wide range of data-driven strategies to choose from, the retailer can quickly and easily design the optimal marketing campaign that meets their specific business needs.

Customer Linked offers

Targeted Sales

Merchants can directly publish their targeted campaign with the click of a button, or schedule it to be published later. All discounts, fees and transactions associated with the campaign sales are safely and securely handled by their bank, who also verifies all campaigns before launching to ensure optimal quality.

Customer Linked offers

Card-holder view

Personalized Offers

Card-holders receive their personalized offer in real time and are instantly eligible to redeem the discount upon acceptance. When linked with Strands PFM, their personal financial management tool, the card-holder can see how much they can safely spend, as well as the average spend at that particular merchant.

Customer Linked offers

Easy Offer Redemption

Redeeming offers is simple and easy, and can be done on any device. The discount is automatically credited to the card-holder’s account after purchase with their debit card or mobile wallet.


Customer Linked offers bank management
Customer Linked offers merchant management

Merchant Management

Bank agents can easily keep track of retailers and merchants running CLO through the Merchant Management tool, with its simple and intuitive user interface.

Customer Linked offers campaign management

Campaign Management

Through the Campaign Manager tool, bank agents can verify and accept incoming merchant campaigns, modify or pause running campaigns or create their own.

Customer Linked offers
Customer Linked offers performance analysis
Customer Linked offers

Performance Analysis

This tool enables bank agents to oversee the performance of merchants’ marketing campaigns using beautiful visualizations for monitoring, reporting and analytics. Campaigns can be viewed individually for in-depth performance analysis, or compared for a global overview.

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