Strands Meta-Aggregation empowers banks to provide their customers with a holistic financial picture. Users can bring all their accounts together in one place – conveniently and securely.



All data is protected with AES 256-bit symmetric key algorithm encryption and SHA-256 encryption. Usernames and passwords are hashed and stored on separate databases.


Strands Meta-Aggregation gives banks access to a variety of external sites, including non-financial entities, to deliver the best possible customer experience.


The Broker Engine provides maximum availability and guarantees constant uptime and better value by leveraging multiple data sources simultaneously.


Real-time Monitor Engine and Dashboard allows banks to monitor uptime of all crawlers, track KPIs and take action to guarantee maximum uptime.

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Become your customer’s primary bank

Offer them a space to view all their accounts, even from non-financial entities, in one convenient place: their personal financial management tool.

Get a 360º view of your customers

Aggregation technology allows banks to obtain extremely valuable financial information to more accurately discover and target customers’ unique needs.

Boost cross & up-sell revenue

After collecting these crucial insights, banks can quickly customize and deliver personalized offerings and suggestions – often before customers even realize they need them.

Increase retention & attract new customers with elevated CX

Customers who link multiple accounts become more engaged and ultimately more loyal to financial providers offering this service.

Save money & maximize ROI through optimized brokering

Because the Strands dynamic Broker Engine always selects the connection that will give maximum uptime, banks save money when they choose Meta-Aggregation. More access to more providers means better value for a lower price.

Reduce dependency on a single aggregation services provider

Strands Meta-Aggregation gives you access to the optimal number of aggregators, meaning that if one connection breaks, it will be immediately and automatically replaced by another.

Access richer, cleaner customer data

The aggregated data indicating where your customers hold external accounts also enriches categorization mapping by adding additional details.

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