Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Personal Financial Management (PFM) is an award-winning personal finance application that drives engagement between account holders and financial institutions. A tool which allows a 360º vision of all bank accounts, aggregating the user’s entire financial picture on one, easy-to-use platform.

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Strands PFM Transactions
PFM Transactions


Expenses are automatically categorized with 99% accuracy. Transactions become actionable through search, filter, edit, export and split functions.

Strands PFM - Calendar

Financial Calendar

An interactive heat map shows daily, monthly and yearly spending patterns.

Strands PFM - Calendar

Ensure all your customers' accounts are in one place

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Strands PFM Analysis
Strands PFM - Income & Spending

Income & Spending

Expense categories and income sources are visualized over a defined date range through a frictionless, intuitive UI.

Strands PFM - Community


Users can anonymously compare spending patterns with any chosen segment of fellow bank customers.

Strands PFM - Community

Discover why PFM is the essence of digital banking

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Strands PFM Budget
Strands PFM Budgeting


Users can create custom thresholds, which enables banks to gain granular insights on their financial goals and relative performance.

Strands PFM - Savings Goals

Savings Goals

Enables users to visualize and reach their life goals more easily. Can be associated with held or aggregated accounts.

Strands PFM - Savings Goals

Bring the heart of digital banking to your customers

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