Strands Recommender is a powerful recommendation software solution enabling your bank’s marketing team to plan, execute and analyze smart campaigns for both financial and third party products & services.

Machine learning algorithms predict customers’ likelihood of acquiring certain products by matching the user’s offerings with customers’ online banking interactions. No more push-and-pray campaigns: with Recommender, customers instantly understand how your offering meets their specific needs by receiving personalized product recommendations.

REC Screenshot


Recommendations appear at the optimal time and in the right context.


Generated by your customers’ specific behavior, recommendations contain personalized calls-to-action.


Recommendations are intuitive & based on up-to-the-minute behavior.

Strands Discovery an insight-driven machine learning tool that enables bank marketeers to discover new business opportunities based on retail banking customers life needs and goals.

By reading from enterprise data sources and utilising machine learning (ML) algorithms, Discovery is capable of drawing a detailed and holistic picture of individual customers’ financial, lifestyle and behavioural profiles, so their banks can know and serve them better.

Strands Discovery screenshot