Strands API Hub

Account Aggregation, Made Easy

Strands’ API Hub offers customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution, with access to all their accounts in one easy-to-use layout.

This provides banks with the opportunity to be their clients’ bank of choice. Strands is synonymous with banking disruption and the perfect partner for forward-thinking banks, allowing them to gather financial information from external accounts and integrate third-party services.

Strands API Hub


How Will Banks Benefit?

  • Become the customer’s primary bank and retain a greater number of clients.
  • Achieve a 360º perspective of customer behavior, more accurate segmentation, and the ability to cross-sell and upsell more effectively.
  • Constant connection to multiple ASPs, choosing the most competitive price and the best service for customers.
  • Centralized, homogenous and cleaner customer data.

What’s in It for the Customer?

  • Full financial picture in one place.
  • Less time spent logging into different bank accounts.
  • Reliable real-time information.
  • Better control of finances.


The API of APIs.

Our API Hub takes care of the complicated bit, collecting data from different entities (crawlers, APIs and 3rd party services) and centralizing it in one, secure platform.

High performance rate.

Peace of mind that all data is aggregated, categorized and everything is under control.

24/7 service.

With automatic rerouting for broken connections, and a secure service which can be integrated into banks monitoring systems.


Aggregated data goes through a complex standardization process, meaning nothing slips through the net. It is then categorized before it reaches the bank and end-users, for ease of use.

End-to-end solution to accelerate PSD2 adoption

We help make the transition into new PSD2 regulations as smooth as possible, without disrupting banks’ corporate systems.

Highly-encrypted data.

All data used is encrypted for maximum security.

Easy connection

with third party services, enabling a new customer-centric approach and new revenue models for banks.

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