Strands Finance Suite

Comprehensive and interconnected set of white-label software solutions that leverage the value of customer data

Big Data

Transaction Data

Machine Learning


User Experience

Actionable Insights

Transforming transactional data into knowledge that produces actionable insights

Intelligence Components

Cutting-edge algorithms enable banks to leverage the value of transaction data to generate actionable insights. Strands combines more than 10 years of delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions with deep knowledge and experience in digital banking.


Automatic categorization of transactions into accurate spending and income categories is at the heart of the Strands Finance Suite tools and applications. This component is delivered with a reporting system that improves its performance over time through data analysis and collaborative intelligence.

Pattern Recognition

Transaction data analysis reveals consumer behavior patterns enabling online and mobile banking customers to forecast relevant financial events. These insights can be used to offer a wide range of services including real-time notifications, insightful analytics, and visualizations.

Predictive Analysis

Estimates the likelihood of account holders to acquire a financial product based on their past and current financial behavior. These insights enable financial institutions to target products and services more effectively.

Machine Learning

Calculates the probability of customers to buy from a particular merchant or from a retailer within a given industry. This component can be used to generate market research insights or to deliver personalized recommendations of relevant merchant deals.

Collaborative Filtering

Recommends products based on the collective behavior of customers that are grouped by segment. Also incorporates customer feedback to dynamically improve product recommendations. This component is used to recommend financial products based on the collective intelligence of the user base.

Integration Platform

Data and process libraries to support Big Data systems for seamless integration within core banking infrastructure. Adopting the Strands Integration Platform gives banks a holistic view of different data sources implemented through a robust Big Data approach.

Banking Integration

Provides a set of mechanisms to seamlessly integrate transaction data into the Strands Finance Suite applications.

Account Aggregation

Offers a flexible API to easily aggregate accounts from external institutions directly into the Strands Finance Suite applications.

ERP Integration

Integrates transaction data directly from ERP software.

Big Data

Performs analysis and data mining over massive data stores that are too big to be processed by traditional methods using relational databases.

Data Management

Implements, initializes and maintains both the data model and the data used by the products of the Strands Finance Suite.

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